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The Golden Marketing Opportunity You’re Still Missing Out On

I won’t belabour my point with this one because everyone already knows what it is…it’s Email Marketing. Yes Ladies and Gents that golden ticket to extended brand awareness and competitive edge many businesses are still missing out on is Email Marketing.

It’s not surprising though as I too have fell into this trap at one time. With the emergence of Social Media, and pretty much EVERYONE either having a presence on Social Media (the audience), and the rest wanting their presence known on Social Media (the business), it can be seen why there is so much hype and buzz around it. However, many businesses have pretty much thrown other marketing strategies out the door for the sake of ye ole Social Media Marketing, trying to capitalize on their piece of the pie.

It wasn’t until recently when working on my blog (not this one another one), that I realized the enormous opportunity that was being missed through Email Marketing. We as businesses and marketers have gotten so caught up with the hype of Social Media, that we have ignored the other strategies that are also effective (in this case probably more so). I’m not against Social Media, far from it. However, as businesses that are ever growing and ever changing we must realize when it’s time to pull away from the crowded marketplace a bit and start looking on how we can differentiate from what everyone else is doing. Since Social Media has become so popular, the disadvantage is that it has also become very crowded and somewhat noisy. Which means as a business it’s going to be harder to really have a creative and distinct voice in separating yourself from your competitors.

Just in case you haven’t done so in awhile, here’s why you should be looking at implementing more Email into your marketing mix:

  1.  It’s less noisy and crowded. Whereas with Social Media you have to fight for the viewing eye of your audience, with Email it’s less of a fight because assuming you’ve done it right then you have the exclusive eyes of your audience. I said assuming you’ve done it right because assuming they opted in to receive your emails, and you’re not forcing a message or product/service on them that they have no interest in

  2. It’s more targeted. The wonderful thing about Email Marketing as mentioned above is it gives your audience the opportunity to opt-in, or sign up to receive your emails. This means that once they do this they are basically saying “I’m interested in what you have to say and give you permission to say it to me”. This allows your messages to be better tailored for the people who have greater interest in your product/service and not just there because their bestfriend told them to ‘like this page’

  3. It’s timely and more focused. I don’t know if everyone is like me, but I check my emails more than I do my social media profiles. One of the main reasons being as I mentioned social media has become noisy. Between friends, family, and a bunch of Facebook ads trying to get my attention. However, if I see an email come in then I’m thinking it’s probably imporant and needs my attention, or it is something I may be interested in because of something I opted in to receive emails from

  4. Everybody has one

B2B’s should especially be paying more attention to Email Marketing as most businesspeople and executives are more likely to check their emails throughout the day than check their Facebook notifications.

Now let me say again in closing. I am NOT saying their isn’t value in Social Media, there is, because that’s where majoirty of your audience probably hangsout. However, what I am saying is don’t ignore other mediums in favour ONLY of Social Media. The best place to be is find a way to mix Social Media with Email, by using your Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, and other SM channels to capture your audience’s email addresses. Then once you do, then you can move them away from the noise on Social Media, and have a more personalized, exclusive conversation with them.

Makes sense?

Do you believe Email Marketing still has a significant part to play in the marketing mix?

The Ranter


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Everybody’s a Social Media Expert

It seems these days everybody’s an expert, particularly where Social Media is concerned.  I have browsed countless websites and personal pages far and wide and it seems everyone is knowledgeable beyond belief that they are an expert.  These days all you need is the right jargon in the right sentences at the right time and suddenly, hey you’re an expert!  Just use words and phrases like “engagement”, “building community”, “interaction”, “share content”, “add value”, and suddenly you’re an expert.


If you’re like me and read a lot of marketing articles and Social Media content then it’s pretty easy to spot those who are actually riding another bubble wave until it dies, and those who genuinely know what they are talking about.  One such person who I admire is Mari Smith.  What she’s doing may not be much different than what everyone else is doing but I like her approach to doing it, and most importantly IT’S DIFFERENT.  Social Media Examiner is another really great source for Social Media content.  Then there is Static FBML Bible for FBML codes.  Now these may not be the only source for great content but from what I have seen these are the ones that seem to know what they are doing, instead of trying to score quick and big with the current Social Media bubble.


It’s good that everyone is jumping on board with the next big bubble being Social Media *insert sarcastic tone here*, I mean why not the dot com already popped.  Still, word to the wise for all the self proclaimed experts and gurus, if you’re to make such a claim ensure that you at least have a track record of businesses you’ve actually helped where you can, you know, show your expertise instead of just talking about it.  Maybe it’s just me but business people like to actually see results before they sign over a cheque in your name.  Secondly, if you are a guru you have to have a following of advocates (your best friend or roommate doesn’t count) who can vouch that you are who you say you are…that’s just my thought.


Just wait ’til the ‘experts’ get their hands on Mobile Marketing…


The Ranter.

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