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1 Way to Piss Your Reader Off

I don’t know if there is anything that annoys me more than when I am reading an article expecting to get one piece of information, based on the title of the article, and by the end not only do I not get the information I thought I would have but the article spins into a completely different direction.

If you are a writer you know the importance of a title or subject to introduce what you’re writing about, the opening paragraph which gives a brief overview of what the content will be about, the body which details said content, and the closing paragraph which tops it all off.  If you’re article does not have these components please leave the writing to someone else.  Just because you have a computer and access to a text editing application (like Word) or a blog doesn’t make you a writer, it’s harsh but I’m just saying.  I know everyone wants to be a blogger or article writer these days but if you don’t have the talent for it please leave it alone.  I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t see me in a hospital performing open heart surgery.

Finally, if you do write please proof read what you write before publishing, and this doesn’t just mean ensuring the subject-verb-agreement and spell check is all good.  I mean ensuring that whatever valuable content your title promises, ensure that it delivers.  Once the article is completed check the title with the body of the content, cross-reference it and ask yourself “Is the body of the article delivering on the promise of the title?”.  If not FIX IT!

Please and thank you.

The Ranter.

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Posted by on February 23, 2011 in Article Marketing


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Everybody’s a Social Media Expert

It seems these days everybody’s an expert, particularly where Social Media is concerned.  I have browsed countless websites and personal pages far and wide and it seems everyone is knowledgeable beyond belief that they are an expert.  These days all you need is the right jargon in the right sentences at the right time and suddenly, hey you’re an expert!  Just use words and phrases like “engagement”, “building community”, “interaction”, “share content”, “add value”, and suddenly you’re an expert.


If you’re like me and read a lot of marketing articles and Social Media content then it’s pretty easy to spot those who are actually riding another bubble wave until it dies, and those who genuinely know what they are talking about.  One such person who I admire is Mari Smith.  What she’s doing may not be much different than what everyone else is doing but I like her approach to doing it, and most importantly IT’S DIFFERENT.  Social Media Examiner is another really great source for Social Media content.  Then there is Static FBML Bible for FBML codes.  Now these may not be the only source for great content but from what I have seen these are the ones that seem to know what they are doing, instead of trying to score quick and big with the current Social Media bubble.


It’s good that everyone is jumping on board with the next big bubble being Social Media *insert sarcastic tone here*, I mean why not the dot com already popped.  Still, word to the wise for all the self proclaimed experts and gurus, if you’re to make such a claim ensure that you at least have a track record of businesses you’ve actually helped where you can, you know, show your expertise instead of just talking about it.  Maybe it’s just me but business people like to actually see results before they sign over a cheque in your name.  Secondly, if you are a guru you have to have a following of advocates (your best friend or roommate doesn’t count) who can vouch that you are who you say you are…that’s just my thought.


Just wait ’til the ‘experts’ get their hands on Mobile Marketing…


The Ranter.

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