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The Golden Marketing Opportunity You’re Still Missing Out On

I won’t belabour my point with this one because everyone already knows what it is…it’s Email Marketing. Yes Ladies and Gents that golden ticket to extended brand awareness and competitive edge many businesses are still missing out on is Email Marketing.

It’s not surprising though as I too have fell into this trap at one time. With the emergence of Social Media, and pretty much EVERYONE either having a presence on Social Media (the audience), and the rest wanting their presence known on Social Media (the business), it can be seen why there is so much hype and buzz around it. However, many businesses have pretty much thrown other marketing strategies out the door for the sake of ye ole Social Media Marketing, trying to capitalize on their piece of the pie.

It wasn’t until recently when working on my blog (not this one another one), that I realized the enormous opportunity that was being missed through Email Marketing. We as businesses and marketers have gotten so caught up with the hype of Social Media, that we have ignored the other strategies that are also effective (in this case probably more so). I’m not against Social Media, far from it. However, as businesses that are ever growing and ever changing we must realize when it’s time to pull away from the crowded marketplace a bit and start looking on how we can differentiate from what everyone else is doing. Since Social Media has become so popular, the disadvantage is that it has also become very crowded and somewhat noisy. Which means as a business it’s going to be harder to really have a creative and distinct voice in separating yourself from your competitors.

Just in case you haven’t done so in awhile, here’s why you should be looking at implementing more Email into your marketing mix:

  1.  It’s less noisy and crowded. Whereas with Social Media you have to fight for the viewing eye of your audience, with Email it’s less of a fight because assuming you’ve done it right then you have the exclusive eyes of your audience. I said assuming you’ve done it right because assuming they opted in to receive your emails, and you’re not forcing a message or product/service on them that they have no interest in

  2. It’s more targeted. The wonderful thing about Email Marketing as mentioned above is it gives your audience the opportunity to opt-in, or sign up to receive your emails. This means that once they do this they are basically saying “I’m interested in what you have to say and give you permission to say it to me”. This allows your messages to be better tailored for the people who have greater interest in your product/service and not just there because their bestfriend told them to ‘like this page’

  3. It’s timely and more focused. I don’t know if everyone is like me, but I check my emails more than I do my social media profiles. One of the main reasons being as I mentioned social media has become noisy. Between friends, family, and a bunch of Facebook ads trying to get my attention. However, if I see an email come in then I’m thinking it’s probably imporant and needs my attention, or it is something I may be interested in because of something I opted in to receive emails from

  4. Everybody has one

B2B’s should especially be paying more attention to Email Marketing as most businesspeople and executives are more likely to check their emails throughout the day than check their Facebook notifications.

Now let me say again in closing. I am NOT saying their isn’t value in Social Media, there is, because that’s where majoirty of your audience probably hangsout. However, what I am saying is don’t ignore other mediums in favour ONLY of Social Media. The best place to be is find a way to mix Social Media with Email, by using your Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, and other SM channels to capture your audience’s email addresses. Then once you do, then you can move them away from the noise on Social Media, and have a more personalized, exclusive conversation with them.

Makes sense?

Do you believe Email Marketing still has a significant part to play in the marketing mix?

The Ranter


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The Negative Effects of not Marketing


I think one of the things that annoys me to no end is when businesses market as a last resort, either out of desperation from competition, or as a quick jolt of electricity to their business when it is dying.

By now it should be beyond obvious why marketing is so important in today’s business environment. However, there are still businesses who choose to see it as a cost and not an investment.

1. Desperation from competition- things are going well, everyone knows your name and the locals come to you to satisfy their consumer wants and needs. There’s nothing special about your product or the service provided, but consumers are just content enough to purchase from you. Suddenly a bigger better product and business comes into your space, doing a lot more than you are, adding more value and suddenly you’re running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to respond to the fierce competition. Even worse you try to throw money in TV, radio and newsprint ads thinking that will put you back at the top, even when you’re target market doesn’t even pay attention to these mediums

2. Quick jolt to prevent death- sales are slow, no one is buying or stopping at your store anymore, instead of taking a proactive approach to increasing sales, you decide to sit back and wait for things to get better. Finally it is evident that things are actually not getting better but worse, and as one final stand you throw out a few ads hoping that will keep the boat from sinking

If any of these sound like you then you’re in serious trouble. Why? Because today it’s not about the best product, but who consumers have a more intimate connection with i.e. your brand. While your living in the past with cassette players and vinyl records, we’re rocking I-pads and watching Youtube videos on our smartphones…get with it! How? Consistent and effective marketing.

Your marketing efforts don’t even have to be costly, and they don’t even have to be limited to Social Media. Your customers just need to hear from you regularly and potential customers just need to know you exist, and you should give them a reason why they should care that you exist…what is your value to them?

Develop the practice of having a yearly, documented marketing plan. As I said it doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated, just relevant to who you’re selling to.

1. Find out what they like, how they want to communicate with you and you with them. It may not be Facebook but rather e-mail, and there are free mail applications such as Mailchimp that allows you to execute beyond effective marketing campaigns…best part is it’s FREE.

2. Develop referral programs that gets current customers to get more customers for you then reward them for their efforts. Give something away to them free, and who doesn’t like free.

There are 3 important things to remember while doing these:

1. Find a way to capture and manage every piece of information of exisitng and potential customers

2. Have a schedule of when you will execute marketing campaigns for the year and stick to it (remember not money but time will make your marketing successful)

3. Find out what resonates with them, what mediums they respond the most to (Facebook, email, text message etc.) and use those mediums to consistently communicate what resonates

We live in a world where the playing field has been leveled in favour of the little guy, don’t waste it by ignoring the universal truth “Marketing makes businesses successful”.

Here’s a great article that supports my point perfectly: Attention Small Businesses: You’re ALL In The Marketing Business

Leave a comment below and let me know:

1. What would you say to businesses who do not market

2. What would you suggest to them

The Ranter.

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What I Like About the New Facebook Page

With the new feature of using Facebook page as an account I can easily realize the benefits that come with this.  I am going to mention one in particular that I noticed that may have missed a lot of other Facebook marketers and brands.

I was thinking about running a competition for another business where existing fans would get their friends to “Like” the page in order to qualify or be eligible for a prize.  Basically who ever got the most friends to ‘fan’ the page wins.  This may not be a new concept at all, especially with brands and Facebook.  However, my problem was how could I know who recently “Like” the page and how would I reach out to them to find out who suggested the page to them if i didn’t know the recent ones from the not so recent ones?

Evidently, it now happens by using Facebook as you page people who have recently “Like” your page now shows up in the Friend Request section as a notification, as recent fans who have “Like” the page.  This makes it easier for businesses to now measure (1. How many fans Like the page on a daily basis and overall to gauge the effectiveness of their campaigns and (2. Who exactly LIke the page so that one may follow up accordingly, maybe with a simple ‘Thank you for Liking our Page’ gesture.

With this new feature I am glad that measuring these results will not be as painstaking as before and there will still be hope to run the campaign after all.  Now I know I may have bashed the new page functionality in a past post, but that was only as it relates to the chronological order of the status updates which I am happy to announce has been fixed, so I am now 100% pleased.

Good job Zuckerberg…good job.

The Ranter.


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Is Coca Cola Losing It’s Facebook Fizz?

I have been a fan of the Coca Cola Facebook page for some time now, and part of the reason for this is I am doing continuous, extensive research on the major brands on Facebook.  Particularly, what it is about them, their core, their essence, their personality, that make them such super giants in the Facebook world; well apart from the obvious of being super giants on and off Facebook, established for a long time and having a huge customer-base.

One thing I’ve always admired about Coca Cola over the years is their creativity and ability to come up with really great Ads and marketing campaigns that truly reinforce what it is their brand stands for.  My favourite were actually the polar bears.  However, since being a fan of their Facebook page I’m beginning to wonder if they have lost that fizz that they are unquestionably able to create.

It seems Coke’s new mantra and brand message is all about happiness; spreading it, sharing it, enjoying it.  A simple concept but it works.  My problem isn’t with the message, but with the way the message is being communicated online, specifically Facebook.  A status update with the word ‘Happiness’ in it is great, but after awhile you kinda waiting to see something else just as spectacular happen, only to be disappointed.  It’s like watching the sun rise for the first time, it’s pretty awesome, but the more you watch it the more you start realizing that the awesomeness of it doesn’t really compare to the burning heat you begin to notice after awhile.  Then you get bored and move on to the next awesome thing.  That’s how I’m beginning to feel, a bit bored with the daily routine status updates with a simple ‘Happiness’ in each one.  So much so I went a bit further to ‘Unlike’ the page just to see if there was something I was missing…Nope!

However, there is the ‘Happiness’ truck, I really great idea, and as a great Guerrilla Marketing tactic I can see how it can work on many levels.  Not only reinforcing the brand message of Happiness but also building new brand loyalists and reminding the old ones why they love Coke in the first place.  Still, that’s only if I come to the page for the first time.  Your video of Happiness has captivated me, and even gotten me to “Like” your page…then what?  What is there to keep me coming back every day other than ‘Happiness’ in the status update?  Which by the way I don’t have to be on the page to see as it shows in my news feed.

Here’s my suggestion, how about putting just as much effort online as you do offline.  If you can extend half of that effort online I am positive that your ‘fan-base’ can increase drastically, and not only that but keep fans interested with a desire to come back.  A great idea is since there is a button on the physical truck that can be pushed and a coke and other fun prizes come out, how about having said truck in a virtual form where a button is pushed and fans can get redeemable prizes and incentives.  That way you give your fans a reason to come back to the page each day.

Hey it’s just a thought, don’t take it the wrong way, it’s only constructive criticism…open some Happiness 🙂

P.S. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to delete some of those tabs that aren’t really in use anymore…just saying.

What are your thoughts on the video?

The Ranter.

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Hotmail Integrates Facebook Chat?!













So I’m on Twitter, as I usually am, and someone Tweets that Hotmail has integrated Facebook Chat into its email application.  My first thought was hmmmmm.  Didn’t Hotmail already have MSN Messenger integrated into their app so why then do they need Facebook?  Is this stemming from the fact that maybe MSN Messenger within the Hotmail application may not be doing as well as Gmail Chat?  Or is it that with the capability of now being able to make calls through Gmail, Hotmail had to find some way to compete with that and maintain some slight degree of competitive edge?  To be honest I don’t know and I probably won’t try to.

Then I again I went a bit further to another hmmmmm.  Why would Facebook agree to such an integration when they are trying to push their own email application from Facebook?  Is it not doing as well as they thought it would?  Do they believe a partnership with Hotmail will better enable them to extend their reach and get more people using their Facebook email app?  Yet again I say I don’t know and will not seek to.

All I will say about this is that from a Marketing standpoint it may not seem like such a smart move on Facebook’s part as they have far more popularity and reach than Hotmail, to feel the need to piggy back on Hotmail in order to get their product out there, assuming such is the case that is.  I fail to see how this is a ‘mutually beneficially’ agreement, but then again who I am to say otherwise…

The Ranter.

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