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Dear Youtube: Your Ad Strategy Is Extremely Annoying And Ineffective

Dear Youtube: Your Ad Strategy Is Extremely Annoying And Ineffective

youtube no videoI’ve been spending a bit more time on Youtube in the last few weeks, and maybe even months (I’ve loss track). I mostly go on to watch interviews of other successful entrepreneurs that inspire me such as Tony Robbins. I also go on because I obsess over learning new techniques and strategies in Digital Marketing that will give me the competitive edge over everyone else (and I have found a few). Even occasionally when I just want to relax and take a break I’ll go on and maybe check out a movie trailer or 2 (or 10).

I’m not sure how recent it is, but Youtube has an advertising tactic now to generate revenue for them, and brand awareness for other companies. What they do is before each video they will play an ad right before the video. The ads are typically based on other sites that you may have visited, or links you clicked on. So they feed you ads that are either the same or similar to those that you clicked on from other websites.

Let me be the first to say that it is the worst, dumbest, and most ineffective strategy I have come across in a long time (you brought this on yourself Youtube). By my tone you can tell I’m annoyed, and for good reason. If you’ve ever tried to watch a video of interest to you on Youtube only to be interrupted by an ad you have no interest of seeing or clicking on, then you understand my frustration and annoyance.

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The Heartfelt Ad You Can’t Understand (But Can Feel)

What makes a good ad campaign? Is it humourous? Is it entertaining? Is it catchy? I believe the best ones are the ones that are lasting. Not only are they viral and well shared and talked about, but they also leave a lasting impression in our minds for a lifetime.

While doing research on a project I’m working on I came across this video by chance. Just out of cutiosity I clicked and watched. My initial thoughts were “this is nice”, but then close to the end of the video I was so moved that tears came to my eyes, and all I could think was “WOW!”

Take a look for yourself…


How POWERFUL is that!!

How powerful is it that even though you may not speak the language, and couldn’t necessarily relate to the experience of the characters that the campaign still had such an emotionally intense impact?

By the end of the ad I didn’t care what they were selling because I was ready to buy, and THAT my friends is the power of an impactful ad campaign.

It can:

  1. Get your audience to not only buy into your product/service, but also you as a company

  2. Create a lasting impression in the minds (and in this case the hearts) of your audience

  3. Cut across race, creed, culture, and even defies the very definition of logic to touch the very thing that makes us human and connects us all…our soul

My biggest takeaway from this ad sometimes the best ad campaigns are the simplest. They don’t need to be fancy or elaborate, they just need to connect with each of us and be memorable.


Share your thoughts, what was the biggest takeaway for you?

The Ranter


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Digicel ‘Jus Buss’ Is A Mus’

If you have been following my tweets you know for sure I am not a fan of the dancing and singing commercials.  Not because I have a problem with dancing and singing, but because I honestly believe we (by we I mean Jamaicans) have exhausted that advertising tactic way past its expiration date.  It seems every last commercial for the past since the invention of the television has been about someone doing a dance or a sing-a-long tune to catch the ears and eyes of potential consumers.  To be honest it just shows a lack of creativity in my view. Now don’t get me wrong maybe 50 years ago it was a hit, but at some point you have to put Old Yellow to rest and just shoot the dog.  It has now become tacky and useless, and I think my senses are becoming somewhat numb to any commercial once I hear it starts off with a catchy tune and a song.

With that being said…

Every millennium there is that one Ad that surprises me and catches me off-guard.  Suffice to say my senses are reawakened by the exhilarating feel of excitement and pleasure that comes from a well executed Marketing effort. Yet another lifetime has passed and I feel I have found it in the new Digicel Jamaica ‘Jus Buss’ Ad. For those of you who may not be aware Digicel is a major telecommunication company in Jamaica, and the term ‘Jus Buss’ means something that has just been released, hence meaning it is new and trendy.

Now what they are doing is nothing new as far as I am concerned, it’s the same dance moves with the same dancers and the same concept. However, I believe what is different this time is the execution of the Ad. I didn’t realize it at first because as mentioned as soon as I hear a tune start playing my senses become numb.  In this instance however, half way through the Ad I found my senses doing quite the opposite.  I was attentive, I was receptive, I wanted to know what the Ad was about.  Still, my attentiveness, receptiveness or curiosity was not what made the Ad successful in my eyes. It was the unexpected truth that even after the Ad ended I found myself still singing the tune with a cheerful step.  It stuck with me through the night into the morning.

This is the type of execution that very few are able to accomplish. The method may not have been new, but the purpose was accomplished: getting me to keep the brand in my mind long after the Ad had passed. I am very impressed as this is a feat very few (if any at all) other singing-dancing Ads can accomplish.

So I have to give this one a 4.5 out of 5 rating.  Good job Digicel, keep it up.

Below is the video, let me know your thoughts by commenting below.

The Ranter.


Hey look they even have a music video for it


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It’s Not Just About Marketing for Dollars & Cents

I find it weird that in my last post I was dishing it to Coca Cola and now I’m faced with being their defender.

Yesterday I was having a conversation with someone and they mentioned that their Sales coach mentioned that there are a few adverts that when televised gives the viewer absolutely no idea as to what it is they are selling…Coca Cola was the prime example of course.  Quickly I found myself coming to Coke’s defense, but not because I’m a loyal customer of Coke (I’m a Pepsi guy), but because the person who made such a comment and used Coke as an example clearly has no idea of Marketing in the 21st century.

Now I do admit that there are brands that advertise their products and services, and majority of the time it has absolutely nothing to do with what is being sold.  However, in this case I had to disagree.  The argument was that Coke made a commercial where there were carolers singing a cheerful tune, with a ‘Christmasy’ warm feel.  Apparently viewers had to wait until the end of the commercial before realizing that the commercial was really about Coke, and because of this the Ad was ineffective.  I have no idea how true this is because I didn’t bother to take the time to search for the Ad.

Still, the individual failed to realize the point of the commercial.  Their perception of the commercial was that it would be ineffective in selling Coke, you know dollars and cents, increasing revenue.  What he failed to also realize is that today marketing is not as simple as before when it was about how much money did we make from our marketing spend.  Today marketing is a bit more complex and metrics to measure success of a marketing effort have also evolved.  With the development of brands, marketing had to switch from being simply about dollars and cents to a more subjective metric.  This was no exception with Coke’s commercial.  I have not seen the commercial as mentioned, but quickly I could deduce that Coke’s primary intention was clearly not to try and sell more Coke, but more so to reinforce their brand message of happiness, joy and togetherness, which is synonymous with what the Christmas is about. With the emergence of such influencers as Facebook and Twitter, it is no longer just about ROI (Return on Investment) but also ROE (Return on Engagement).  How engage your customers or fans are with your brand, this is the true power of marketing in the 21st century.  The more engaged a brand becomes the more inseparable it will become to the customer, which means the more dollars and cents the brand will make.  Marketing and brands seek to identify the indirect, subjective triggers that will cause a customer to spend any amount for their product or service, as Peter Cheverton calls it in Understanding Brands the ’emotional charge’ (yeah I just had to mention the it!)

So to close this is something that marketers of yesteryear need to understand, it is not about how much money a marketing campaign, Ad, or promotion can generate directly and immediately, but it goes deeper to identify the core of the customer and what will make that customer’s lifetime value with your brand increase indefinitely.

Do you agree or disagree? What is your take on it? Leave a comment below.

The Ranter.

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Is Coca Cola Losing It’s Facebook Fizz?

I have been a fan of the Coca Cola Facebook page for some time now, and part of the reason for this is I am doing continuous, extensive research on the major brands on Facebook.  Particularly, what it is about them, their core, their essence, their personality, that make them such super giants in the Facebook world; well apart from the obvious of being super giants on and off Facebook, established for a long time and having a huge customer-base.

One thing I’ve always admired about Coca Cola over the years is their creativity and ability to come up with really great Ads and marketing campaigns that truly reinforce what it is their brand stands for.  My favourite were actually the polar bears.  However, since being a fan of their Facebook page I’m beginning to wonder if they have lost that fizz that they are unquestionably able to create.

It seems Coke’s new mantra and brand message is all about happiness; spreading it, sharing it, enjoying it.  A simple concept but it works.  My problem isn’t with the message, but with the way the message is being communicated online, specifically Facebook.  A status update with the word ‘Happiness’ in it is great, but after awhile you kinda waiting to see something else just as spectacular happen, only to be disappointed.  It’s like watching the sun rise for the first time, it’s pretty awesome, but the more you watch it the more you start realizing that the awesomeness of it doesn’t really compare to the burning heat you begin to notice after awhile.  Then you get bored and move on to the next awesome thing.  That’s how I’m beginning to feel, a bit bored with the daily routine status updates with a simple ‘Happiness’ in each one.  So much so I went a bit further to ‘Unlike’ the page just to see if there was something I was missing…Nope!

However, there is the ‘Happiness’ truck, I really great idea, and as a great Guerrilla Marketing tactic I can see how it can work on many levels.  Not only reinforcing the brand message of Happiness but also building new brand loyalists and reminding the old ones why they love Coke in the first place.  Still, that’s only if I come to the page for the first time.  Your video of Happiness has captivated me, and even gotten me to “Like” your page…then what?  What is there to keep me coming back every day other than ‘Happiness’ in the status update?  Which by the way I don’t have to be on the page to see as it shows in my news feed.

Here’s my suggestion, how about putting just as much effort online as you do offline.  If you can extend half of that effort online I am positive that your ‘fan-base’ can increase drastically, and not only that but keep fans interested with a desire to come back.  A great idea is since there is a button on the physical truck that can be pushed and a coke and other fun prizes come out, how about having said truck in a virtual form where a button is pushed and fans can get redeemable prizes and incentives.  That way you give your fans a reason to come back to the page each day.

Hey it’s just a thought, don’t take it the wrong way, it’s only constructive criticism…open some Happiness 🙂

P.S. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to delete some of those tabs that aren’t really in use anymore…just saying.

What are your thoughts on the video?

The Ranter.

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The Stunt Bike Cooking Gas Seller?

One day I sat at home in my living room trying to put together a proposal for a church event I am involved in. Suddenly, my clicking of keypad keys was interrupted by “Hello?!” at my door. By the time I got up to see who it was the person had already ‘flashed away’ just as quickly as they appeared. I looked to my floor only to see a piece of white paper with information on it. Apparently the young man who saw it fit to shout at my door was selling cooking gas; appears he has a cooking gas retail business. I took up the piece of paper, looked to see what it was, and made my way to the bin to dispose of the piece of paper. Then I thought, “This would make for a great marketing article to educate on what NOT to do”.

So let’s break it down shall we. Firstly, his approach was completely wrong wrong wrong. You do not walk up to someone’s house shouting at the door, a simple knock would have been more than enough to gain your potential buyers attention. Once you have gotten their attention then you politely introduce yourself, and introduce them to what you are selling, and if time allows why they should do business with you. The first mistake was bad in itself, but then he was in so much of a rush that he didn’t have time to stop and speak to me about the product he was trying to sell; this is a big no no. Already he is telling me the type of business he operates. If he is too busy to stop and take the time to introduce himself and tell me about his business when I am not even a customer, then it clearly indicates to me that he would be too busy for me as his customer. He would be too busy to answer my calls, or to come to my aid should I find a fault with his product or have an issue with his service. To put it bluntly, he would be too busy to give a damn about my needs and concerns as his customers.

Secondly, the ‘flyer’ itself, I put it in quotes because I wouldn’t consider it a flyer, was a piece of cheap printing paper with words and pictures on it. I don’t mean to be harsh but that is the perception I have of the ‘flyer’. It was a square, pocket-sized paper, the typical office paper used for printing; it was black and white, with no appealing graphic or text to it and not even a single bit of colour. This only leads me to one conclusion: that this is the value and quality that he places into his business, low and mediocre. Therefore, I can see that if this is the value he places in his own business, then clearly this is the same value he will be offering me as a customer. Think about yourself as a customer, any of the businesses and companies that you do business with; is your perception of them one of low value and quality? No, I very much doubt it. Why as a customer would you be willing to spend your hard earned money on low quality and low value, especially since there are so many other options available? Whether you realize it or not, customers will choose to do business with you on the premise of thinking you will offer them high value and quality, so your business must depict that. Something as simple as a flyer, business card, or website shows the effort, quality and value you place in your business, so if you want to attract the right customers, pay attention to the things your potential customers pay attention to.

Lastly, the message that the flyer delivered was completely irrelevant to what he was selling, which is cooking gas. He had pictures of two stunt bikes with the stuntmen on each bike. My first thought to this was, “What do stunt bikes have to do with cooking gas? Will he sell bikes that can cook as well?” Not to say it wasn’t eye grabbing, but my point is that it was completely useless on the flyer. As a matter of fact I probably spent more time looking on the bikes themselves rather than paying attention to what was actually being sold, which is a pretty bad thing considering the point of the flyer was to sell me a product in the first place.

So breaking down something as simple as a flyer and an approach to show how even the simplest things you as the businessperson may take for granted are things that may cause you to lose out on a lot of business in the first place.

So to recap:
1. To get potential customers to buy into what you’re selling you have to be willing to take the time to sit with them, speak with them and listen to them; people will feel a lot more connected to you if they think you don’t just consider them money in your pocket, but a person who is a valuable asset to your business
2. The value and quality you place in your business is the same value and quality that will be perceived by your potential and existing customers; high value business = high perceived value by customers
3. Ensure that your marketing message is associated with what you are trying to sell, and brings that across effectively; if you’re selling cooking gas, sell cooking gas and leave out the stunt bikes.

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