If Someone Steals Your Idea Take It As A Compliment (You’re Doing Something Right)

30 Mar
If Someone Steals Your Idea Take It As A Compliment (You’re Doing Something Right)

Here’s the thing. If you’re in business and you’re doing well (or at least well enough), or if you’re good at what you do then people are going to steal your ideas (some call it copying). To think otherwise in today’s online business space is just naïve.

Just yesterday I went online to visit The Marketing Rant blog. Typically when I do it would be from my laptop, and usually I would simply need to type in ‘The’ and it would show the rest of the URL, and I’d simply click ‘Enter’. However, on this very unique day I was using someone’s tablet to go onto the blog. Only by accident I typed in Now that isn’t the URL for my blog, mine is actually You see WordPress allows you to create a blog and website completely for free, given that it has the ‘wordpress’ tag at the end of the URL. If you want to remove the WordPress then you have to pay to upgrade and host your blog.

I started this blog 6 years ago in 2011. It wasn’t mean to be any business venture, or way to make money, or grow a following or whatever. I simply started because I’m someone that a). Loves writing, and b). Is obsessed with Marketing. I started it as a hobby really, just as a way for me to express my fascination (and at times frustration), along with my opinion with things I observed with other company’s marketing efforts (hence the name The Marketing RANT). It’s a place I come to be ‘politically incorrect’ and rant about random things marketing. So for me the blog is more about creative expression than income generation. This is why you don’t see any products being sold, or pop-ups asking you for your email in exchange for downloads.

Anyway back to my story.

So on this day I accidentally typed the first URL (without the ‘WordPress’), only to realize that a website with the name The Marketing Rant came up. I was a bit taken aback at first, because the colour scheme didn’t look like my blog. Then I came to the realization that it was actually someone else who had stolen impolitely duplicated my exact blog name (they can do that if yours isn’t registered). I must admit being human I was upset at first. Then I chose to look at it from a different perspective, the perspective that I’m doing something right. You see if you’re aren’t good at what you do, or have some results in doing it, then no one is going to care to copy you, they won’t even care to pay attention to you. So for me this is a compliment because it means I’m doing something right. I checked the date on when the website was started and the first blog post, it was launched just last month in February 2017. This is why with the exact name The Marketing Rant, and the fact it was started just last month versus my blog that was started 6 years ago, it’s pretty safe to conclude that he stole impolitely duplicated my blog name. To say otherwise would just be insulting my intelligence.

So in concluding I will say to the gentleman thanks for the compliment. In exchange I offered you a link back to your website to help you generate traffic (I hope it helps my friend).

For anyone who may have had this happen or will potentially have it happen here’s a blog post by Neil Patel I really enjoyed on how to gain the competitive advantage should this happen to you.

Don’t get mad when someone copies you, take it as a compliment. Ideas can be copied. Creativity, commitment, and an ungodly obsession for what you do cannot.

The Ranter

The Original Ranter

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