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What I Like About the New Facebook Page

With the new feature of using Facebook page as an account I can easily realize the benefits that come with this.  I am going to mention one in particular that I noticed that may have missed a lot of other Facebook marketers and brands.

I was thinking about running a competition for another business where existing fans would get their friends to “Like” the page in order to qualify or be eligible for a prize.  Basically who ever got the most friends to ‘fan’ the page wins.  This may not be a new concept at all, especially with brands and Facebook.  However, my problem was how could I know who recently “Like” the page and how would I reach out to them to find out who suggested the page to them if i didn’t know the recent ones from the not so recent ones?

Evidently, it now happens by using Facebook as you page people who have recently “Like” your page now shows up in the Friend Request section as a notification, as recent fans who have “Like” the page.  This makes it easier for businesses to now measure (1. How many fans Like the page on a daily basis and overall to gauge the effectiveness of their campaigns and (2. Who exactly LIke the page so that one may follow up accordingly, maybe with a simple ‘Thank you for Liking our Page’ gesture.

With this new feature I am glad that measuring these results will not be as painstaking as before and there will still be hope to run the campaign after all.  Now I know I may have bashed the new page functionality in a past post, but that was only as it relates to the chronological order of the status updates which I am happy to announce has been fixed, so I am now 100% pleased.

Good job Zuckerberg…good job.

The Ranter.


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