Better No Website Than The Worst Website

02 Mar

In today’s marketplace a website is like your customers first store stop.  It is the first contact they have with your business even before they interact with you, your sales reps, or even your receptionist.  Therefore, it is important that the first point of contact is the most memorable and impactful…in a positive way that is.

It’s sad to believe in the digital marketplace that we live in today, where pretty much every business and customer exists online, there are still those who take something as important as a website so slightly.  It’s bad enough when a website isn’t SEO optimized, Mobile optimized, not user-friendly and has no clear call-to-action, if any at all.  But one would think that the business would at the very least take the time to put a somewhat decent and visually appealing site together.  Even if I can’t find what I’m looking for easily, even if I can’t view it on my new stylish smartphone, even if the website doesn’t rank in the top 10 or even 100 of Google’s search rank, I can at least expect to type in the url and be presented with a decent enough website that makes me go “Hmmmm…this looks pretty good.”  You’re telling me I can’t even get that?

I visited a website the other day, and to say the very least I was disgusted and traumatized (I wanted to be nice but I had to call it as I saw it). There was no strucutre (nothing in a table to make it look uniform), which already is a big turn off for me.  The colours don’t complement or coordinate.  The navigation bar is close to non-existent (I’m still searching for it).  There should just be a big X on this website.  As much as I may be slandering the website, my words don’t even compare to how bad this website looks.  It looked like the science experiment of a 10 year-old child rather than a business serious about business.  Suffice to say it only accomplished one thing, telling me that I will never be doing business with them.

Deep down I’m still hoping that they have a new website somewhere and just somehow forgot to take down the old one; or at least working on the new one ASAP!.  What troubles me the most is they actually have a Marketing Manager…smh!  I wonder what their job description is?

Still, with everything there are 3 sides to a story, my side, their side, and the truth.  So I leave everyone to decide if maybe I’m being too harsh.  Here is the website (sorry guys it’s for your own good).

What do you think about it? Leave your comments below.

The Ranter.

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