The Best Twitter Advice Ever Given

24 Feb

I’m a big fan of the tips blog posts. The 5 ways to…the 3 ways you can..10 ways how to.

However, today I came across a post that I must say is nothing short of being simply brilliant! The author attempted to explain 11 Twitter practices that most, if not all Twitter users should exercise to make the Twitter experience for them and their follows a lot more meaningful.

Number 1 is directed to the Tweeps who seem to think it’s okay to send out a tweet every few seconds, I have some of these on my list as well. Though I generally enjoy the content, it gets annoying when I want valuable content from others I also follow, but you choose to bombard me with all your content constantly! I feel an ‘unfollow’ coming on.

Number 6 I can definitely relate to which speaks to the constant ‘hashtagging’ for every single word in every single Twitter update that is made. The question one needs to ask themselves who makes it their point of duty to do this is: are you more interested in posting valuable content or getting top ranked in someone else’s search?

Finally, for me there is Number 11. This one resonated with me sooooo much than the others ever will as I live it everyday on Twitter. Just because you decide to follow me doesn’t mean I will be interested in following you, or be obligated to. If you choose to follow me do so because you are interested in what I have to say and not because you’re trying to grow your list as quickly and largely as possible. I didn’t join Twitter for the popularity contest so if you’re expecting me to return the favour because you offered to follow, good luck with that one. I’m 120 pounds, I doubt i’ll have use for tips on weight loss.

Here’s the entire article for everyone’s perusal

All I will say is kudos to you Mr. Article Writing Man…good job.

The Ranter.

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