The New Facebook Page

22 Feb

I went on one of my Facebook community page today only to realize that the painstaking, nuisance of a feature added by the Facebook developers has been removed.  I am referring to the feature that randomly organizes your posts based on how engaged your fans were with said post.  Apparently some smarty down at Facebook came in one day, drunk I assume, and said “Hey! Let’s create an algorithm that randomly searches for the most engaged posts and put them at the top of the page!”  And somewhere along the lines of intoxication everyone agreed.


I was more than irate to come by my page one morning and see that this was the case, and when I say enraged I mean I was enraged.  The nature of my page meant that my posts HAD to be in chronological order and not necessarily by which one was most engaging (I can always scroll back to see that).  Suffice to say I did openly and clearly make my annoyance known in my Facebook status update that morning (I’m pretty sure it’s still there).  I don’t know if it was my public display of disapproval of the new change or that there were others just like me who were just as upset but all I know is that it’s back to the way it was before, which I am more than happy for.


Now I believe change is good, but not ALL change is good, and recently it seems that Zuckerberg and the other Facebook shareholders have become too commercialized to pay attention to the thing that made Facebook what it is today…The People!  It’s good to have a knowledgeable board and business advisors “advising” on what’s best for Facebook but at the end of the day the owner and founder of Facebook knows the reason why it was started in the first place and should not compromise that sincerity for the fortune that often follows compromise.


Still on a positive note I am happy that at least Facebook has not become so commercialized that it will completely ignore the voice of the people.  Separate from that I must say that the new page upgrade has some pretty great features, especially posting as a profile page, which I must admit is pretty sweet.


I would get into the new photo album option but I suppose that’s a rant for another day.


The Ranter.

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