Hotmail Integrates Facebook Chat?!

22 Feb













So I’m on Twitter, as I usually am, and someone Tweets that Hotmail has integrated Facebook Chat into its email application.  My first thought was hmmmmm.  Didn’t Hotmail already have MSN Messenger integrated into their app so why then do they need Facebook?  Is this stemming from the fact that maybe MSN Messenger within the Hotmail application may not be doing as well as Gmail Chat?  Or is it that with the capability of now being able to make calls through Gmail, Hotmail had to find some way to compete with that and maintain some slight degree of competitive edge?  To be honest I don’t know and I probably won’t try to.

Then I again I went a bit further to another hmmmmm.  Why would Facebook agree to such an integration when they are trying to push their own email application from Facebook?  Is it not doing as well as they thought it would?  Do they believe a partnership with Hotmail will better enable them to extend their reach and get more people using their Facebook email app?  Yet again I say I don’t know and will not seek to.

All I will say about this is that from a Marketing standpoint it may not seem like such a smart move on Facebook’s part as they have far more popularity and reach than Hotmail, to feel the need to piggy back on Hotmail in order to get their product out there, assuming such is the case that is.  I fail to see how this is a ‘mutually beneficially’ agreement, but then again who I am to say otherwise…

The Ranter.

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