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It’s Not Just About Marketing for Dollars & Cents

I find it weird that in my last post I was dishing it to Coca Cola and now I’m faced with being their defender.

Yesterday I was having a conversation with someone and they mentioned that their Sales coach mentioned that there are a few adverts that when televised gives the viewer absolutely no idea as to what it is they are selling…Coca Cola was the prime example of course.  Quickly I found myself coming to Coke’s defense, but not because I’m a loyal customer of Coke (I’m a Pepsi guy), but because the person who made such a comment and used Coke as an example clearly has no idea of Marketing in the 21st century.

Now I do admit that there are brands that advertise their products and services, and majority of the time it has absolutely nothing to do with what is being sold.  However, in this case I had to disagree.  The argument was that Coke made a commercial where there were carolers singing a cheerful tune, with a ‘Christmasy’ warm feel.  Apparently viewers had to wait until the end of the commercial before realizing that the commercial was really about Coke, and because of this the Ad was ineffective.  I have no idea how true this is because I didn’t bother to take the time to search for the Ad.

Still, the individual failed to realize the point of the commercial.  Their perception of the commercial was that it would be ineffective in selling Coke, you know dollars and cents, increasing revenue.  What he failed to also realize is that today marketing is not as simple as before when it was about how much money did we make from our marketing spend.  Today marketing is a bit more complex and metrics to measure success of a marketing effort have also evolved.  With the development of brands, marketing had to switch from being simply about dollars and cents to a more subjective metric.  This was no exception with Coke’s commercial.  I have not seen the commercial as mentioned, but quickly I could deduce that Coke’s primary intention was clearly not to try and sell more Coke, but more so to reinforce their brand message of happiness, joy and togetherness, which is synonymous with what the Christmas is about. With the emergence of such influencers as Facebook and Twitter, it is no longer just about ROI (Return on Investment) but also ROE (Return on Engagement).  How engage your customers or fans are with your brand, this is the true power of marketing in the 21st century.  The more engaged a brand becomes the more inseparable it will become to the customer, which means the more dollars and cents the brand will make.  Marketing and brands seek to identify the indirect, subjective triggers that will cause a customer to spend any amount for their product or service, as Peter Cheverton calls it in Understanding Brands the ’emotional charge’ (yeah I just had to mention the it!)

So to close this is something that marketers of yesteryear need to understand, it is not about how much money a marketing campaign, Ad, or promotion can generate directly and immediately, but it goes deeper to identify the core of the customer and what will make that customer’s lifetime value with your brand increase indefinitely.

Do you agree or disagree? What is your take on it? Leave a comment below.

The Ranter.

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Is Coca Cola Losing It’s Facebook Fizz?

I have been a fan of the Coca Cola Facebook page for some time now, and part of the reason for this is I am doing continuous, extensive research on the major brands on Facebook.  Particularly, what it is about them, their core, their essence, their personality, that make them such super giants in the Facebook world; well apart from the obvious of being super giants on and off Facebook, established for a long time and having a huge customer-base.

One thing I’ve always admired about Coca Cola over the years is their creativity and ability to come up with really great Ads and marketing campaigns that truly reinforce what it is their brand stands for.  My favourite were actually the polar bears.  However, since being a fan of their Facebook page I’m beginning to wonder if they have lost that fizz that they are unquestionably able to create.

It seems Coke’s new mantra and brand message is all about happiness; spreading it, sharing it, enjoying it.  A simple concept but it works.  My problem isn’t with the message, but with the way the message is being communicated online, specifically Facebook.  A status update with the word ‘Happiness’ in it is great, but after awhile you kinda waiting to see something else just as spectacular happen, only to be disappointed.  It’s like watching the sun rise for the first time, it’s pretty awesome, but the more you watch it the more you start realizing that the awesomeness of it doesn’t really compare to the burning heat you begin to notice after awhile.  Then you get bored and move on to the next awesome thing.  That’s how I’m beginning to feel, a bit bored with the daily routine status updates with a simple ‘Happiness’ in each one.  So much so I went a bit further to ‘Unlike’ the page just to see if there was something I was missing…Nope!

However, there is the ‘Happiness’ truck, I really great idea, and as a great Guerrilla Marketing tactic I can see how it can work on many levels.  Not only reinforcing the brand message of Happiness but also building new brand loyalists and reminding the old ones why they love Coke in the first place.  Still, that’s only if I come to the page for the first time.  Your video of Happiness has captivated me, and even gotten me to “Like” your page…then what?  What is there to keep me coming back every day other than ‘Happiness’ in the status update?  Which by the way I don’t have to be on the page to see as it shows in my news feed.

Here’s my suggestion, how about putting just as much effort online as you do offline.  If you can extend half of that effort online I am positive that your ‘fan-base’ can increase drastically, and not only that but keep fans interested with a desire to come back.  A great idea is since there is a button on the physical truck that can be pushed and a coke and other fun prizes come out, how about having said truck in a virtual form where a button is pushed and fans can get redeemable prizes and incentives.  That way you give your fans a reason to come back to the page each day.

Hey it’s just a thought, don’t take it the wrong way, it’s only constructive criticism…open some Happiness 🙂

P.S. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to delete some of those tabs that aren’t really in use anymore…just saying.

What are your thoughts on the video?

The Ranter.

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The Best Twitter Advice Ever Given

I’m a big fan of the tips blog posts. The 5 ways to…the 3 ways you can..10 ways how to.

However, today I came across a post that I must say is nothing short of being simply brilliant! The author attempted to explain 11 Twitter practices that most, if not all Twitter users should exercise to make the Twitter experience for them and their follows a lot more meaningful.

Number 1 is directed to the Tweeps who seem to think it’s okay to send out a tweet every few seconds, I have some of these on my list as well. Though I generally enjoy the content, it gets annoying when I want valuable content from others I also follow, but you choose to bombard me with all your content constantly! I feel an ‘unfollow’ coming on.

Number 6 I can definitely relate to which speaks to the constant ‘hashtagging’ for every single word in every single Twitter update that is made. The question one needs to ask themselves who makes it their point of duty to do this is: are you more interested in posting valuable content or getting top ranked in someone else’s search?

Finally, for me there is Number 11. This one resonated with me sooooo much than the others ever will as I live it everyday on Twitter. Just because you decide to follow me doesn’t mean I will be interested in following you, or be obligated to. If you choose to follow me do so because you are interested in what I have to say and not because you’re trying to grow your list as quickly and largely as possible. I didn’t join Twitter for the popularity contest so if you’re expecting me to return the favour because you offered to follow, good luck with that one. I’m 120 pounds, I doubt i’ll have use for tips on weight loss.

Here’s the entire article for everyone’s perusal

All I will say is kudos to you Mr. Article Writing Man…good job.

The Ranter.

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1 Way to Piss Your Reader Off

I don’t know if there is anything that annoys me more than when I am reading an article expecting to get one piece of information, based on the title of the article, and by the end not only do I not get the information I thought I would have but the article spins into a completely different direction.

If you are a writer you know the importance of a title or subject to introduce what you’re writing about, the opening paragraph which gives a brief overview of what the content will be about, the body which details said content, and the closing paragraph which tops it all off.  If you’re article does not have these components please leave the writing to someone else.  Just because you have a computer and access to a text editing application (like Word) or a blog doesn’t make you a writer, it’s harsh but I’m just saying.  I know everyone wants to be a blogger or article writer these days but if you don’t have the talent for it please leave it alone.  I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t see me in a hospital performing open heart surgery.

Finally, if you do write please proof read what you write before publishing, and this doesn’t just mean ensuring the subject-verb-agreement and spell check is all good.  I mean ensuring that whatever valuable content your title promises, ensure that it delivers.  Once the article is completed check the title with the body of the content, cross-reference it and ask yourself “Is the body of the article delivering on the promise of the title?”.  If not FIX IT!

Please and thank you.

The Ranter.

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Everybody’s a Social Media Expert

It seems these days everybody’s an expert, particularly where Social Media is concerned.  I have browsed countless websites and personal pages far and wide and it seems everyone is knowledgeable beyond belief that they are an expert.  These days all you need is the right jargon in the right sentences at the right time and suddenly, hey you’re an expert!  Just use words and phrases like “engagement”, “building community”, “interaction”, “share content”, “add value”, and suddenly you’re an expert.


If you’re like me and read a lot of marketing articles and Social Media content then it’s pretty easy to spot those who are actually riding another bubble wave until it dies, and those who genuinely know what they are talking about.  One such person who I admire is Mari Smith.  What she’s doing may not be much different than what everyone else is doing but I like her approach to doing it, and most importantly IT’S DIFFERENT.  Social Media Examiner is another really great source for Social Media content.  Then there is Static FBML Bible for FBML codes.  Now these may not be the only source for great content but from what I have seen these are the ones that seem to know what they are doing, instead of trying to score quick and big with the current Social Media bubble.


It’s good that everyone is jumping on board with the next big bubble being Social Media *insert sarcastic tone here*, I mean why not the dot com already popped.  Still, word to the wise for all the self proclaimed experts and gurus, if you’re to make such a claim ensure that you at least have a track record of businesses you’ve actually helped where you can, you know, show your expertise instead of just talking about it.  Maybe it’s just me but business people like to actually see results before they sign over a cheque in your name.  Secondly, if you are a guru you have to have a following of advocates (your best friend or roommate doesn’t count) who can vouch that you are who you say you are…that’s just my thought.


Just wait ’til the ‘experts’ get their hands on Mobile Marketing…


The Ranter.

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Hotmail Integrates Facebook Chat?!













So I’m on Twitter, as I usually am, and someone Tweets that Hotmail has integrated Facebook Chat into its email application.  My first thought was hmmmmm.  Didn’t Hotmail already have MSN Messenger integrated into their app so why then do they need Facebook?  Is this stemming from the fact that maybe MSN Messenger within the Hotmail application may not be doing as well as Gmail Chat?  Or is it that with the capability of now being able to make calls through Gmail, Hotmail had to find some way to compete with that and maintain some slight degree of competitive edge?  To be honest I don’t know and I probably won’t try to.

Then I again I went a bit further to another hmmmmm.  Why would Facebook agree to such an integration when they are trying to push their own email application from Facebook?  Is it not doing as well as they thought it would?  Do they believe a partnership with Hotmail will better enable them to extend their reach and get more people using their Facebook email app?  Yet again I say I don’t know and will not seek to.

All I will say about this is that from a Marketing standpoint it may not seem like such a smart move on Facebook’s part as they have far more popularity and reach than Hotmail, to feel the need to piggy back on Hotmail in order to get their product out there, assuming such is the case that is.  I fail to see how this is a ‘mutually beneficially’ agreement, but then again who I am to say otherwise…

The Ranter.

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The New Facebook Page

I went on one of my Facebook community page today only to realize that the painstaking, nuisance of a feature added by the Facebook developers has been removed.  I am referring to the feature that randomly organizes your posts based on how engaged your fans were with said post.  Apparently some smarty down at Facebook came in one day, drunk I assume, and said “Hey! Let’s create an algorithm that randomly searches for the most engaged posts and put them at the top of the page!”  And somewhere along the lines of intoxication everyone agreed.


I was more than irate to come by my page one morning and see that this was the case, and when I say enraged I mean I was enraged.  The nature of my page meant that my posts HAD to be in chronological order and not necessarily by which one was most engaging (I can always scroll back to see that).  Suffice to say I did openly and clearly make my annoyance known in my Facebook status update that morning (I’m pretty sure it’s still there).  I don’t know if it was my public display of disapproval of the new change or that there were others just like me who were just as upset but all I know is that it’s back to the way it was before, which I am more than happy for.


Now I believe change is good, but not ALL change is good, and recently it seems that Zuckerberg and the other Facebook shareholders have become too commercialized to pay attention to the thing that made Facebook what it is today…The People!  It’s good to have a knowledgeable board and business advisors “advising” on what’s best for Facebook but at the end of the day the owner and founder of Facebook knows the reason why it was started in the first place and should not compromise that sincerity for the fortune that often follows compromise.


Still on a positive note I am happy that at least Facebook has not become so commercialized that it will completely ignore the voice of the people.  Separate from that I must say that the new page upgrade has some pretty great features, especially posting as a profile page, which I must admit is pretty sweet.


I would get into the new photo album option but I suppose that’s a rant for another day.


The Ranter.

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