How to Increase Revenues for Your Business Using Video & List Building


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There are many strategies to growing your business, one such strategy is list building. It provides the opportunity to:

  • Market your product/service exclusively to your audience

  • Create more targeted and personalized promotional messages through specific opt-ins

  • Build and develop greater relationships, thus increasing customer retention and lifetime customers

  • Create a list that is readily available to you to leverage forever (even if every social media platform shuts down tomorrow)

Knowing how to really implement an effective list building strategy can be difficult I know, especially if you are new to the whole idea of Content and Inbound Marketing.

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Dear Youtube: Your Ad Strategy Is Extremely Annoying And Ineffective

Dear Youtube: Your Ad Strategy Is Extremely Annoying And Ineffective

youtube no videoI’ve been spending a bit more time on Youtube in the last few weeks, and maybe even months (I’ve loss track). I mostly go on to watch interviews of other successful entrepreneurs that inspire me such as Tony Robbins. I also go on because I obsess over learning new techniques and strategies in Digital Marketing that will give me the competitive edge over everyone else (and I have found a few). Even occasionally when I just want to relax and take a break I’ll go on and maybe check out a movie trailer or 2 (or 10).

I’m not sure how recent it is, but Youtube has an advertising tactic now to generate revenue for them, and brand awareness for other companies. What they do is before each video they will play an ad right before the video. The ads are typically based on other sites that you may have visited, or links you clicked on. So they feed you ads that are either the same or similar to those that you clicked on from other websites.

Let me be the first to say that it is the worst, dumbest, and most ineffective strategy I have come across in a long time (you brought this on yourself Youtube). By my tone you can tell I’m annoyed, and for good reason. If you’ve ever tried to watch a video of interest to you on Youtube only to be interrupted by an ad you have no interest of seeing or clicking on, then you understand my frustration and annoyance.

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If Someone Steals Your Idea Take It As A Compliment (You’re Doing Something Right)

If Someone Steals Your Idea Take It As A Compliment (You’re Doing Something Right)

Here’s the thing. If you’re in business and you’re doing well (or at least well enough), or if you’re good at what you do then people are going to steal your ideas (some call it copying). To think otherwise in today’s online business space is just naïve.

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How I Created Consistency In My Blogging And Content Marketing Strategy

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Caution! This is a long ass blog post!

If you should ask me Winston, what’s the number one factor that separates those who are successful with starting and running a blog, and having a Content Marketing strategy? I would give you one word Consistency. Yet, this is one of the greatest challenges bloggers face when starting and running a blog.

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What I Learned From Neil Patel That Most Other Marketers Don’t Have


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Do a search online on Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, or Content Marketing and it’s inevitable that Neil Patel will be in the top 5 (if not the top 3) of search engine results. It’s safe to say that he is the authority in all these areas of Marketing.

If you choose to dispute it take this into consideration.

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10 Growth Hacking Strategies to Grow Your Startup


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When starting and growing your business there are two things to always keep in mind:

  1. Being able to work in your business

  2. Being able to work on your business

The first involves the operational aspects of the business such as designing the product/service, hiring talent, legal, operational management, figuring out shipping, and of course customer service and support.

The second focuses more on the aspects of Marketing. Being able to create a brand, market and promote your brand and offer, and drive leads back to you in order to convert them into customers.

Having a Marketing Plan and strategy to grow your business is absolutely imperative. Many businesses fail because they fail to market and promote, and immediately assume their idea or product will get customers and generate sales on its own. Sure you can get by without a marketing plan, but if your goal is to truly build a long term, sustainable and profitable business, then having a marketing plan, especially one geared towards growth is essential.

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How Bad Customer Support Is Killing Your Business


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I haven’t posted in a while mainly because of another blog project I’m putting all my focus on (#clickbait) . Fortunately, I had a recent experience that gave me an opportunity to rant about (I wanted to wait until I was no longer annoyed to write this).

SO…I’ve been looking for a platform that can offer me certain functions I need for my other blog, namely list building and email marketing capabilities. After weeks of research I came down to two choices, and still needed to make a final decision (which was hard in itself). Platform A had everything I needed, the montly cost was attractive to me, and it pretty much integrated with everything I needed in one. The only drawback was that it didn’t have one key functionality that’s a must for me, based on what I need to do.

Platform B has that one key functionality I need. However, in comparison to Platform A, Platform B has a few disadvantages in that I would need 2 separate platforms to perform the same functions Platform A could do altogether with one. Additionally, Platform B is 4x as costly as Platform A. Platform B was at a significant disadvantage.

I wanted to give you the context of this rant before getting to the point


How Support Is Killing Your Business

When it comes to your marketing and branding efforts, the first voice over the telephone, or the first face your potential and existing customers see when they enter your business is the life or death of your business. It is the difference between someone deciding to be your customer for life, or them telling everyone how incredibly horrible your service is, and as the saying goes bad news travels faster.

bad-customer-service2b2Photo credit: The Vinyl Anachronist

It’s not enough just to have any old person as the voice or face of your support team who is just looking to collect a paycheck and go home. It has to be someone who 1). Actually enjoys their job, and 2). Actually likes people. Without these two you’re in trouble.

Many businesses never consider their support as a part of their overall branding. Many seem to believe branding starts and stops with Marketing, but fail to realize that Marketing is responsible for communicating the Brand Message and Value. However, your entire company is your branding, from Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, even Tech Support is the face of your brand.

If they interact with your customers, they ARE your brand.


That key functionality I mentioned, I needed to know for sure if either platform was capable of doing it. So I got on their websites to chat with customer support. Take into consideration before these two conversations I was already ready to go with Platform A, I just didn’t want to leap in without weighing my options first.

So speaking with customer support from Platform A first. Firstly, when asking her certain questions I could immediately tell from her tone that I was bothering her (I suppose she had more important things to do). She answered my questions but it was very half-assed, and it was clear she didn’t care to make much of an effort in answering them. There was even a moment when I asked a question and she said she would find out and get back to me, and at the end of the conversation I had to remind her that she hadn’t answered my question. At the end of that conversation I was annoyed to say the least.

I then got in contact with Platform B customer support right after. However, rather than a live chat the conversation took place over email. Firstly, when the customer support from Platform B responded her energetic personality was infectious, she immediately changed my tone from annoyed to pleasant. She was very personable, and saying she was ‘helpful’ would be an understatement. She not only answered my question by letting me know that the platform had the functionality I was looking for, but she literally sent me a 1,000 word essay in the form of email explaining exactly how I could execute what I wanted with their platform, and two different options to do so. At the end she reassured me that if I had any other questions or challenges she would be more than happy to answer them so I can email her directly. Throughout the enter email correspondent it didn’t feel like I was talking to a support rep, it felt like I was talking with a good friend of mine that just happen to work for Platform B.

In the end that one experience one hour later immediately made me change my mind and decided to go with Platform B, even though it will cost me 4 times the cost, and I will have to setup two different accounts with two different platforms to execute what I want to do. Platform A loss pretty much a sure customer because of one bad rep.

All because of amazing customer service Platform B now has me as a customer (or at least because the other customer service sucked).

So in closing as business owners take this as a lesson. When it comes to the first point of contact for your brand and business don’t hire the most qualified person for the job, hire the most passionate and RIGHT person for the job. Just because they can do the job well doesn’t mean they are best suited for the job.

Your Brand depends on it!

The Ranter.


Have you had an experience with customer support that caused you to switch brands? Let me know your story in the comments below

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